Nature Ensemble proposes activities for children, young people and adults and proposes its services to various structures: youth centers, leisure centers, schools, private individuals, companies, work councils.

For to integrate any type of public and in a process of solidarity and refusal of exclusion, Nature Ensemble also proposes activities to disabled persons) to persons in difficulties and to old persons.

The services are specific for each public and take into account the needs and the requests of each of them.

The choice to propose activities to a wide public comes partly from a will to contribute to encourage people to feel concerned by future today, in particular by the necessary need of environment protection, of solidarity, tolerance and peace. Some of the objectives of Nature Ensemble beeing that, thanks to the proposed activities and approaches, the participants become aware of their link to nature and become fully-fledged actors.



That tomorrow be what we decide to do with and not what time will decide for us.

Nicolas Hulot