Nature Ensemble proposes activities all year round to develop imagination and creativity, to increase people awareness of environment, to create a sense of community in society, to find or to find again the  link with nature in a playful, sensory and creative way. In order to make understand the need of environment protection, the one of solidarity, the responsibility and the capacities of our individual and collective actions.

The structure proposes as well in this framework, activities of improvisations and theater, relaxation, breathing, working on the voice, physical management as well as advanced courses of languages ; activities which are all taking place in nature and indoor.

The services are under various forms to offer a range of field of activities : nature walks, workshops and courses various duration.                                                                                                                                        All projects are at your choice and integrat  the distinctiveness of each public: children, young people, adults.

The objectives

  • The development of imagination and of the capacity to create thanks to the contact with nature
  • To make understand the urgency of the need of environment protection and the responsibility of our individual and collective actions
  • To boost the self-esteem of the participants

Educational approaches

  • Playful
  • Sensory
  • Sensitive
  • Interdisciplinary


  Information, inscriptions, elaborations of projects and estimates


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