Nature, human beings and animals



Fascinated for a long time by animals, occupying me on a daily basis of little and big animals, I learnt to observe them, to understand them. I am interested for a long time in the relation existing between them and the human beings, the one that it is possible to build.

To share my discoveries, to contribute to make sensitive on the importance to fight against the ill-treatment of animals and to learn to respect them, to consider them as full living beings, I propose you several activities on this subject with Nature Ensemble:


  •        Nature walks with animals 

                   During the latter, will take place besides the sensory and playful activities, observation                                     of the fauna as well as those of the animals accompanying persons during the exit.
Exchanges with the participants.


  •         Workshops of exchanges and practice on the relation which it is possible to                                   build between animals and us as well as on brought benefits.


The projects are at your choice to be the nearest to your requirements and needs.



  Information, elaborations of projects and estimates



Every living being has the right to live and not to be a victim of sufferings been imposed by others.                                                                                     Matthieu Ricard