Ethical charter


Nature Ensemble is a structure free of any religious, political commitment.

The Earth, the life gets out of breath: the degradation of nature accelerates, poverty and exclusion increase, Man is more and more disconnected from the nature…
The action of all become urgent and necessary.

Nature Ensemble joins in this movement, wishing to contribute to bring a track, a new direction; namely to bind the environmental protection, the social, the solidarity and the development of the imagination and the creativity within the framework of the development, of the sustainable and united evolution.
This in order to contribute to break subdivision, to refuse exclusion, to create a group dynamics and  to see to it to find the link with the nature.
This approach also aims at finding new tracks of propositions of nature conservation, more united lifestyles and at allowing most persons that possible to become full actors.
The sum of ideas will contribute to the wealth and will allow finding new tracks and solutions together.

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